Terms of Use/Service Level Agreement

Travelbook Insights and its related services are subject to the following terms. All terms listed can be updated at any time without notice. By logging into Insights, you accept these terms.

The service is provided as is and is offered provided you qualify based on your contract. The availability of the service is not guaranteed and can be withdrawn at any time for any reason; including but not limited to technical or operational reasons. All or parts of the service can also be withdrawn at any time and we make no assurances for the level of service provided.

The Travelbook Group is not liable for the data shown, we do endeavor to ensure the accuracy of all information presented but we can not guarantee it. Both technical or outside forces can affect the accuracy of the information shown which may be outside of our control. Any inaccuracies raised with use will be investigated and rectified where relevant and/or possible.

All data within Insights and its related products are the property of The Travelbook Group and are provided to help with the management of a property and not to be used, but not limited to, be sold, used to undermine The Travelbook Group or given to a third party.

The data held within insights does not contain any information that could be used to identify an individual other than booking confirmation numbers, IP addresses and information supplied voluntarily. All data is secured to the best of our ability. Data stored in Insights can be requested.